pojarkov2016-09-13 15:21:38
Software testing
pojarkov, 2016-09-13 15:21:38

A/B testing service for a designer. Needed or not?

Friends! Do you think an A/B testing service can be useful to simplify the relationship between a designer and a client?
For example, a designer uploads two versions of a designed logo. A link to the page is sent to the customer. The customer either immediately chooses the option he likes or shares a link to the page in the social. networks in order to interview their friends. The service will automatically count the votes received for one or the second option and help the customer make the final choice.
In your opinion, is it worth creating such a service in principle? Can it be useful in communication between a specialist and a customer?
I would be happy to hear any arguments for and against.

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Alexander Sinitsyn, 2016-09-13

A designer definitely doesn't need it... because even one customer with his own sense of beauty is capable of destroying anything. What the customer is capable of together with his friends, it’s even scary to think))

Maxim, 2016-09-13

the customer to interview his friends and other crap ... children's games. The customer must choose only the one he likes, otherwise there will be a mess with opinions and doubts and you will have to redo everything from scratch more than once.

iBird Rose, 2016-09-13

not such a necessary thing, so to speak. few will use it. so let's say if it comes to this - a post will be created in VK with a survey sooner than a similar service will be searched

Ails, 2016-09-23

It's like at an old job, we'll do something, and then the boss says, I like it, but I need to show my wife that she would approve. (facepalm)

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