Andrew2012-01-19 17:20:23
Andrew, 2012-01-19 17:20:23

A* algorithm in java

Good afternoon!
I ask people who write algorithms in java. Maybe one of you did the implementation of the A* algorithm in java? Not complicated, the simplest with avoiding obstacles on the map. All options on the Internet are very complicated and it is terribly necessary to adapt them, but it is very, very necessary!
It will be enough to have some two-dimensional map, at least on an int array, and the algorithm itself that works with it.
Thank you!
I found a sane code, if anyone is interested, I can post it after editing :)

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Vitaly Zheltyakov, 2012-01-19

I felt sick ...
Algorithm A * is 8 lines of code. It's not that hard to find them online.

Arktos, 2012-01-19

5 minutes to write yourself. Otsilu 10

Vas3K, 2012-01-19

I was doing. Maybe somewhere he could mess up, but he implemented it completely himself for academic purposes:

vics001, 2012-01-19

Did! Difficult :) But how else? Otherwise it doesn't work. Java
I used a search in two directions (so much faster), and of course I used a specific heuristic function. Did according to wikipedia.

dokwork, 2012-11-23

wrote about this algorithm in his blog using the example of solving tags. maybe someone will come in handy.

Alexander Svetly, 2016-10-02

Did you say something about the solution you found?) If it doesn’t bother you, then please discard

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