Nazariy Karp2022-02-05 22:15:05
Electronic components
Nazariy Karp, 2022-02-05 22:15:05

A 100v 22uF capacitor is swollen on the TV. this was not found, what can be replaced? Please tell me which one to replace?

I stood on this board 61fecb861ca06869977183.jpeg
and found such a 61fecc0e7bde9794370183.jpeg50v 22uF can I replace it with it?
Thank you

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Nazariy Karp, 2022-02-05


Pavel K, 2022-02-05

Looks like a backlight driver board.
The photo is not very clear, it is better to look from above, where the slots are.
And 50 volts is not suitable - too small, and the voltage on the driver is quite high.

rPman, 2022-02-06

the main thing for you is to find parts for the desired voltage (or higher) and the capacitance can be assembled from a smaller one by connecting the conduits in parallel

VT100, 2022-02-06

The voltage must not be lower than specified. Capacity - up to one and a half times higher - will do.
PS In the photo - 220 microfarads at 25 or 30 volts.

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