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saveTibet, 2017-07-06 11:22:19

8px grid for Tablet and Mobile. How to calculate?

I recently started using a grid where all values ​​are multiples of 8. For example, the content part is 1128px, the column width is 72px, the distance between the columns is 24px. This is about Desktop. Yesterday it was necessary to adapt the layout for mobile devices, I took 768 pixels as a guideline and tried to calculate the same grid for this screen. Something doesn't work - I just can't find values ​​that are multiples of 8. Therefore, the question is - how do you work with 8px grids on mobile layouts? Are there any ready-made run-in solutions that can be used from project to project?

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Neron, 2017-07-06
Lordov @Nekto_Habr

I did this:
this is AI with an 8px grid for 5 resolutions, there are guides, see columns with signatures

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