shcherbakks2019-01-10 14:12:37
shcherbakks, 2019-01-10 14:12:37

8gb ram, i3, 256 ssd, full hd - normal for web development?

I choose a laptop to learn web development. such characteristics of the norms to begin with? I do not pretend to exorbitant comfort of work

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Alexey Sklyarov, 2019-01-10

1. In the last question, everything has been answered for you for a long time. Why ask a new one?
2. Do you doubt whether 8 GB is enough for you to keep any Atom or sublimetext open? Seriously? This will be more than.
3. Instead of questions, take a laptop for yourself and start learning, anyway, for several months you will not get out of a regular text editor.

GavriKos, 2019-01-10

To get started, use the search on the toaster - the question is asked with enviable regularity.

Rikcon, 2019-01-10

Of course, what percentage would be even cooler to know.
And so I calmly worked and on the hardware is much weaker (without ssd and 4 giga RAM was), did not die)

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