axorJS2020-07-14 14:29:12
axorJS, 2020-07-14 14:29:12

80 degrees for simple surfing on a MacBook - is this normal?

I have a MacBook pro 15 early 2013. A bit old, yes, but I'm satisfied with it for now. I changed the thermal paste and cleaned it about six months ago. Lately it's been heating up like crazy. Even with simple surfing the Internet and watching a video in 1080p, the temperature of the processor is 70-80 degrees and noise. Previously, I watched videos on YouTube in 4k and the coolers were barely audible, I also almost did not make noise at work, and the temperatures were acceptable. At the same time, the noise is audible even at almost zero load, and when viewing 4k it makes noise like an airplane, the temperature goes up to 95. What could be the problem? It bothers me a little that my Mac is constantly running at such high temperatures.

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Ronald McDonald, 2020-07-14

Recheck the thermal paste again, it may have already dried up or you smeared it crookedly.

Dimonchik, 2020-07-17

or one through and through

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