Danil Kovalenko2020-03-12 18:04:48
Danil Kovalenko, 2020-03-12 18:04:48

8. Naming variables. How to solve this in Yandex.Practice (Python)?

I don’t understand somehow anything at all (the first day is only in Python). Maybe something is wrong with the head (
Probably for the pros it will be easy
Help, thanks in advance!


1. # Rename the variables correctly
2. imia = 'Daniel'
3. familia = 'Markov'
4. print('My name is ' + imia + ' ' + familia + '.')

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Sergey Gornostaev, 2020-03-12

The pros start their first day in Python by reading the textbook, and the workshops are taken after the full reading.

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