Lakewake2012-04-12 14:00:54
Lakewake, 2012-04-12 14:00:54

7zip, winrar, etc?

It just suddenly became interesting:
There is an archive. If you open it in the 7zip / winrar viewer, click "Extract" and specify the path, the files will be extracted immediately to the specified folder.
If you open an archive in the same viewer, open an explorer window with a folder next to it and drag the archive files from the 7zip / winrar viewer to this folder, then first the unpacking will take place in a temporary directory, and then it will be copied to the target folder.
What is the reason for such behavior?

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Freemik, 2012-04-12

What's in 7zip, what's in winrar, you can set the use or not use of the tempo.

darkpashka, 2012-04-12

in the second case, there is no extraction, but copying, as far as I know. so the situation you describe is obtained.

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