2018-10-07 00:42:52
, 2018-10-07 00:42:52

>7000 lines of styles for the entire project - the norm or not?

I am finishing the development of the project, and there are more than 7000 lines of styles in css. Is it normal?
Given the fact that the site has a lot of modules, they are fully developed in style

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index0h, 2018-10-07

N lines of something there on an abstract project - quite normal, or quite abnormal, or not quite normal. You are unlikely to get a more precise answer, given the scarcity of information that you gave about your project.

Exploding, 2018-10-07

I have one line.

profesor08, 2018-10-07

Just? If they are all needed, then this is not unusual.

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