Alexey Burlaka2019-03-07 14:47:35
Network administration
Alexey Burlaka, 2019-03-07 14:47:35

64GB of RAM - how to squeeze the maximum?

There is a server, 64 gigs of RAM. Tell me how to squeeze the maximum out of it, in the sense that the memory is not empty, but beneficial. What are the options, ideas? It's about setting up the server and services.
May be useful: Memcash, Redis, MariaDB, NVMeSSD, Debian Linux 9.
Thank you!

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Sanes, 2019-03-07

The MySQL server will thank you if you share your memory.

longclaps, 2019-03-07

Which is empty - pick it out of the server and sell it. To not be empty.

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