lexstile2019-03-29 15:08:55
contextual advertising
lexstile, 2019-03-29 15:08:55

600 rubles per month with an average attendance of 250-300 uniques per day?

The question is, what am I getting from the audience?
Now, on average, 250-300 unique visitors per day (the last week has been 450-500) accumulates about 600 rubles per month (YAN).
There is one horizontal banner.
Subject: Hunting The
question is only about the placement of contextual networks, affiliates of mothers, etc. - a separate conversation.
And is it worth it to go to Google?

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Ronald McDonald, 2019-03-29

So that's what you are, freelancer earnings. But not for your uncle :)
Stay on Yandex, better develop your sites.
UPD: by the way, divide 600 rubles by the number of hours spent on this whole thing. This will be the cost of an hour of your labor.

Dmitry Dart, 2019-03-29

No. There will be less

Anatoly, 2019-03-29

Which is better - test, you won't lose much))

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