sl02019-06-05 22:30:59
sl0, 2019-06-05 22:30:59

502 nginx error after updating ssl certificate?

I updated the certificate on the site and now there is a permanent 502 Bad Gateway.
But in the settings there is a valid certificate. I tried to roll back to the old version, but the error did not disappear.
There are tons of suggestions on google, but nothing has helped so far.
ps. Ready to pay for urgent effective assistance.

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Vladimir Skibin, 2019-06-06

simple config generator for nginx
you have php-fpm, check if it is running and if it works on this socket

ky0, 2019-06-06

The "500" errors are not related to certificates - it's a problem with the web server. Either something with the backend (if it exists) is not running, a configuration error, or changes have been made to nginx itself, but not related to SSL.

Viktor Taran, 2019-06-06

99% that it's not the certificate itself,
in fact, nginx does not see the backend, but there are a million options.
need apache and nginx logs

W_dev, 2020-04-03

I have the same problem,
how did you solve it?

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