zorghrd2013-06-27 19:01:30
zorghrd, 2013-06-27 19:01:30

"500000" error in Google Play Developer Console?

Recently, I can't get to the "rates and reviews" page of the developer console, not a single one of my applications.
When I try to open the page, the following message appears in the header:
“An error has occurred. Please try again later. (500000) "
Who faced?
At first, I blamed the working proxy, but now I can’t open this page either at home, at work, or with friends.
Tried Chrome and IE. Disabled add-ons, nothing helps.

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zorgrhrd, 2013-08-02

Recently, everything worked itself out. I haven't found the reason yet.

nochkin, 2013-06-28

And what link? Maybe just an old link?

Developers_Relations, 2013-07-01

See possible solutions here .

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