dogivberlogi2018-12-08 15:02:57
dogivberlogi, 2018-12-08 15:02:57

500 error due to the maximum number of php processes. What to do?

After the banal npm run watch, an error 500 appears (9 times out of 10) due to the limitation of php processes, I have to kill them manually, I don’t understand what’s wrong, laravel is somehow not configured or something. Tell me, please, smart people :c
Could this be due to the fact that it is not a VPS hosting?
(hosting - register)

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Maxim Litvinov, 2018-12-08

Maybe! Everything can happen on a shared hosting. Try to register an account on Beget and test your application there. To work with nodejs, you need to go to the container. The help section says how.
30 days for free and adequate support - they will always help you deal with miracles.

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