Kolka is rotten2017-09-25 12:29:38
Kolka is rotten, 2017-09-25 12:29:38

5 Criteria for Choosing the Best Environment for Mobile Development?

I. 3-5 programs (environments) in which it is easiest to develop applications? (from smallest to largest)
II. 3-5 programs (environments) in which the created applications have the least garbage? (from smallest to largest)
III. 3-5 programs (environments) in which applications are obtained the fastest? (from smallest to largest)
IV. 3-5 fast working languages ​​for the end user of a mob application?
V. 3-5 programs (environments) most popular among modern developers?

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3 answer(s)
Kolka is rotten, 2017-10-08

I choose xamarin

mitaichik, 2017-09-25

Java (Android Studio) / Swift (XCode)

David Koifman, 2017-09-25

Xcode forever!

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