Pink_Orange2021-01-26 21:03:16
Pink_Orange, 2021-01-26 21:03:16

4GB and Windows 10?

Laptop (2020 release, price 31k soms ~ 31k rubles. I took it in October (iron crisis), there were no other options (they simply sold out), and there was no money until October, and I really needed a laptop, there was no time to put it off).:
Athlon Silver 3050U - 2 cores 2 threads, 2.3ghz - 3.2ghz
4gb DDR4 2333ghz - free 3.4 out of 4 due to the graphics core (the core cannot be disabled in any way)
128 NvME SSD
(Ps the memory slot is soldered in the laptop, i.e. you can set only the 1st bar, but the 2nd channel will work.DDR3 memory will not rise, you need at best 1 bar 8gb DDR4.In my city, prices start from 3.5k to 5k for 8gb DDR4 2100ghz +, I'm a schoolboy and money for an upgrade not yet.)

You need to choose the edition of Windows 10 x64, with the least consumption of RAM out of the box (without tweaks and cutouts). The laptop will be used in study and programming. I'm thinking of putting Home, or LTSC, LTSB, but I don't know which of them will consume less.

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Vasily Bannikov, 2021-01-26

4GB in 2021 is too little, especially under Windows.
If only for study and programming - try some Linux.

rPman, 2021-01-26

I watched some kind of ibris tablet with a detachable keyboard with 1Gb ram and windows 10.
Personally, I helped reinstall the ltsb version on it as an experiment, plus turned off some services, only 300mb remained free, the browser worked without problems.
Windows 10 eats about 1-2Gb, depending on the revision and the availability of additional tuning. 4Gb is an excellent amount for the system, 2Gb remains for your tasks, with some reservations, you can even do development.
ps as a developer and power user, I’ll say that now 8Gb is not enough, you need 16 or 32, especially if you need virtual machines. Only the question here is no longer in the OS, but in tasks

Viktor, 2021-01-26

4gb DDR4 2333ghz
Yes, not enough. If this memory is all soldered on the motherboard, and there is no expansion slot, then the choice of this laptop for studying and programming is unsuccessful. If it is on a module in a single slot, I advise you to replace it with 8 or (even better) with 16.
free 3.4 out of 4 due to the graphics core (the core can NOT be disabled in any way)
They laughed at the capital letters of the word NO. Wouldn't it be better to have all 4 gigs for the processor, but without an image on the screen?
You need to select the edition of Windows 10 x64, with the least consumption of RAM
They all consume RAM about the same, depending on the current task. If you want to save the available RAM from spending on "extra" system processes, services and snap-ins, then it will probably be Win10 LTSC. It is not sold to ordinary users, but can be found on torrents.

Artem @Jump, 2021-01-27
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You need to choose the edition of Windows 10 x64, with the least consumption of RAM out of the box
Everyone has the same, and all editions of Windows 10 will have enough memory without problems.
The main thing is not to run other programs, especially the browser - they will not have enough memory.

mkone112, 2021-01-26

I'm sitting on 2GB, pentium p6200 and samsung evo 860 (shitty laptop 10 years ago) - no problems, more than for studying and programming. It’s enough for a conditional firefox and a couple of PyCharm instances (although the OS and software had to be picked up).

Windows 10 x64

I advise you to still choose x32 - it will eat much less memory.

Yan, 2021-01-26

It's normal
Just to keep track of memory and cut out unnecessary background programs
I have a PC with 2GB I
have never received a message about a lack of memory
But there were cases when they complained about a shortage with 8 gigs of RAM
So everything is relative
Put ltsc it eats a little less than pro

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