vVedik2017-08-05 11:33:28
vVedik, 2017-08-05 11:33:28

408 error when automatically checking Yandex market how to fix it?

Good afternoon!
Error 408 constantly appears when Yandex Market automatically checks the site pages, d871ba5f532c4bacb16ecfcebeab13cf.png
as a result of which Yandex Market removes the store from publication
. There is no such error when entering through the browser. All pages open.
The site is on VDS: Ubuntu 16.04 Nginx+FastCGI CMS Webasyst shop-script 7
How can I fix this error ?

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Evgeny Bezymyannikov, 2017-10-27

Look in the access logs for the server response time.

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