Nikifor Makarov2016-01-06 01:58:00
Nikifor Makarov, 2016-01-06 01:58:00

404 header is returned but the page is rendered?

Hello, the problem is the following. There is an online store and there is a template for it. In it, the loading of commodity items implemented on the main page through js.
Actually, when you click on this button, an error occurs
. But at the same time, the same page / page / 2 exists and works, but 404 is given in the title.
Tell me where to dig. Thank you.

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Boris Yakushev, 2016-01-06

Offtopic: Why was it necessary to gloss over the screenshots, if the site domain is already visible in the console? :)

Vitaly Artemyev, 2016-01-06

The problem is that the page returns 404.
Here is the response from the site:

Request URL:http://chehl.ru/page/2/
Request Method:GET
Status Code:404 Not Found

The site returns 404 even if you go directly to the second page

Mr Crabbz, 2016-01-06

Your pagination is not working. Go to Settings - Permalinks and just click "Save". Your .htaccess will be overwritten and everything should work.

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