niknamee2021-12-21 22:00:31
niknamee, 2021-12-21 22:00:31

404 errors (need help)?

Hello, the clearfy plugin is installed, and recently I noticed hundreds of 404 errors in the logs like /wp-content/cache/wmac/css/wmac_1234***************.css, from different ip addresses, wrote to the developers, but so far silence. I looked in the page code, the plugin really displays the line /wp-content/cache/wmac/css/wmac_111111********.css, but in the logs there are errors 404 /wp-content/cache/wmac/css/wmac_222222* *******.css, help solve the problem? where does the non-existent css link come from?

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Anonimmus, 2021-12-22

Clearfy is your code optimizer.
It minimizes your code, thereby increasing the site loading speed. It compresses on its server and gives you a link to its work.
Ps: ip changes every time is the norm!
WordPress is complaining because it didn't find these files.
These files are your css cache. That is, he got your css rebuilt and displayed his result in its best form.
Pss: there should be a button to reset the cache, this will erase the old non-existing css files and overwrite the new ones.
I recommend wp rocket, just before that, please read the documentation

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