5a1awat2015-04-01 10:57:36
5a1awat, 2015-04-01 10:57:36

404 error when switching to menu in yii?

Good day. I'm not strong in yii, so I would like to know which way to dig.
There is an admin panel with such an interface. When you click on page 2, it leads to host:/novosti/index/url/.php/novosti/index/Novosti_page/2
And after that, an error pops up
After sitting again, I found this thing
If you enter the url to page 2 manually in the address bar, everything loaded ... and you can switch through the menu, ie. everything works correctly. And already the link is formed in a new way

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arab789, 2015-04-01

Most likely something with the paths, check if you get to the right controller? The link is weird...

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