Bearax2020-10-27 15:18:24
Bearax, 2020-10-27 15:18:24

404 error on posts, categories, and tags page. How to fix?

Hello. I have such a problem. I write in advance that the problem is only with this topic. When I put another topic, this problem does not exist. I create posts, categories and tags, everything is created without problems and displayed in the admin panel, but when I want to go to them on the site, I get a 404 error. How to fix it? What could be the problem? What code to provide?

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Arseny, 2020-10-27
Matytsyn @ArsenyMatytsyn

Most likely, the theme does not provide the logic for the output of this content. Or she's crooked. The presence in the admin panel does not guarantee anything.

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