mihass2017-01-06 12:17:11
mihass, 2017-01-06 12:17:11

404 error on Magento internal pages after switching to https?

There is a shop on Magento. Put a certificate on the server and transferred the site to https. After that, only the main page opens, all internal ones show 404. Everything works as expected on http.
If you disable the setting of converting addresses to seofrendly in the admin panel, then everything works on https, only index.php is present in the url.
I don't understand how to overcome it. I already tried to add rules to htaccess, nothing comes out. I keep both versions for now - both http and https, but I want to transfer everything to https unconditionally.

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mihass, 2017-01-06

Problem solved. Apache had AllowOverride None. Should have changed to All.

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