Mr-IG2018-11-29 17:36:36
Mr-IG, 2018-11-29 17:36:36

403 - script error?

Hello, I'm here to help!
I don't understand what's going on. I can't add a Google Adsense ad unit through promotional materials and YouTube video via iframe - when I try to save advertising materials or news, it redirects to another page with a 403 error
. "Warning! An error was detected
Sorry, the page 403.html is not available for you: its address could have changed or it has been removed. Please use the search."
If the usual banner code is used, the module works or the video by link is added to the news... Also, the captcha in the comments is gone.
I think it could be either hosting or something with scripts
Apache server, there is SSL.

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Alexey Tutubalin, 2018-11-29

try turning off Admin->System Settings-> Security->Enable blocking site embedding in frames
Although most likely a problem with hosting

Mr-IG, 2018-11-30

The problem is solved, the reason was on the hosting.
Duplicate support response:

ModSecurity is an Apache module that acts as a web application firewall. It blocks exploits known to it and protects against various attacks against web applications. However, mod_security can sometimes erroneously identify a genuine request as malicious. In this case, we can add the triggered mod_security rule to the list of allowed rules on the server so that you can bypass the block.
It's interesting :) This module also contributes to the fact that if the rule is triggered too often - IP is blocked. Actually, pavilo added, IP unblocked. Try again.

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