dm2017-01-16 20:58:45
Mobile development
dm, 2017-01-16 20:58:45

403 error when opening a link from the Instagram app. What is the reason?

There is an Instagram account - https://www.instagram.com/dizainremont
In it, in the description, a link to the site al-remont.ru (wordpress)
If you click on this link from the mob. instagram application, the site does not open, it gives an error 403.
If you put any other link there, it opens. That is, the reason is in the site, and not in the application or instagram.
I set the rights to folders / files different, there is no result.
Any ideas what could be wrong?

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aol-nnov, 2017-01-16

everything opened without any 403.
some inept attempt to advertise your public through non-core resources.

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