Ruslan_732017-10-09 13:03:38
Ruslan_73, 2017-10-09 13:03:38

403 error only for some WP posts, why?

Good afternoon. Not all, but only some entries, after installing the Cyr to Lat plugin (translating links into Latin), began to give a 403 error (Access denied). It is worth renaming the link, it immediately opens normally, I return the old link - again 403, as if a ban was registered on this link, can anyone come across such a problem?
Ps There are no redirect plugins, htaccess is clean (deleted and created a new one).

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Ruslan_73, 2018-01-11

The problem was commonplace, there were sections with such names in the root of the site and therefore there was a 403 server error

EvgenyMorozov, 2017-10-09

Try refreshing Permalinks -- switch back and forth

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