Maila2017-05-23 22:04:52
Maila, 2017-05-23 22:04:52

403 error in Git how to fix?

The fact is that during the session the password was changed through the recovery form in Git and now when you run $ git push origin master it gives an error: Username for ' https://github.com ': MailaGoogle
remote: Permission to altiore/mm.git denied to MailGoogle.
fatal: unable to access ' https://github.com/altiore/mm.git/ ': The requested URL returned error: 403 and also re-requests emal and name after $ git commit -m "save". There are no changes in the master and forwork branches either, although the files have changed.
Prior to this, a commit was created and the files were uploaded to github and cloned. But only ' https://github.com/altiore/mm.git/ ' is not my repository, but the one from which the files were downloaded and I cannot have access to it.https://github.com/MailaGoogle/test2.git created also uploaded files before.
I don't have php-storma, only sublime and notepad++

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