Artur SSS2017-11-01 13:13:44
Artur SSS, 2017-11-01 13:13:44

40 IP phones and PBXs, what to choose?

Good day!
Tell me from your practice, what to choose?
We need 40 IP phones and PBXs.
Only internal communication between employees;
Only IP, so that you don’t do wiring, because. there is a computer network (60 PCs);
Phones have 2 ports and 220V power supply;
To make it all work reliably.
Initially, I didn’t want to mess with asterisk, but now this option is more interesting for me, but employees must have real phones)

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Someone White, 2017-11-01

IMHO, a set of asterisk + softphone will suit your taste. There was experience with fanvil devices, there are no complaints + they have 2
network ports.

Andrey Stepanov, 2017-11-02

FreePBX + Yealink T21. This phone has auto-provisioning templates, checked many times. Also, for external numbers, I advise you to buy a DID number and a trunk from the Commpeak provider.
VM configuration (if you have a hypervisor of course)
CPU: 2 cores
Memory: 2048MB

Ctacfs, 2017-11-09

Don't give up on asterisk. It may not be the easiest in terms of administration (there are no beautiful menus and setup wizards), but it is very functional. You can do a lot of things on it, if you suddenly need it, and on iron exchanges for every sneeze you will have to buy additional boards, licenses and other crap.
As phones, I can advise yealink sip-t21 or t19, if you need to get into the budget.
If the phones are already wired with a copper line, talk to the provider, they may transfer the numbers to the sip trunk.

Sergey, 2017-11-01

If there is any (old) PBX in the office, then you can look towards alvis .

myxasa, 2017-11-01

Put this thing https://www.elastix.org/ on a virtual server
and that's it

Dmitry Alexandrov, 2017-11-01

As an option for the role of PBX so as not to bathe with the Yeastar MyPBX U300 asterisk.
In the role of ip phones, any that you like. As a cheaper option for any softfo on a PC. A much more convenient SIP option on the person’s smartphone itself via internal WiFi, in androids there is a “out of the box” softphone in the standard dialer, on iPhones it seems there are no but full of softphones.

lubezniy, 2017-11-02

From phones with two ports - for example, D-Link DPH-150S (I took it, however, about 5 years ago; I don’t know if they are being produced now or not). The price is adequate, the display is simple (I do not recommend taking it without it).
If the connection is only internal, then without a PBX it is not very convenient, but you can generally get by by bringing the phones into one network and giving them permanent IP addresses (either statically or by setting on the DHCP server via MAC). Simply instead of a number on the phone, an IP address is dialed and a call is made.
If you need external communication from the PBX when connecting phones to the Internet, virtual options can also be considered; this is convenient when you don’t have your city numbers or you want to get hold of a multi-channel one.

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