bratniko192021-12-12 00:09:24
Burglary protection
bratniko19, 2021-12-12 00:09:24

4-5 tabs opened in the browser and the laptop rebooted. Hacked?

I went about my business and surfed the Internet at the same time, as 4-5 tabs in the browser abruptly opened with such content
. A window immediately opened with the inscription something like "Less than 1 minute left until Windows shuts down" and immediately the laptop rebooted. I climbed into autoload - it's empty. The scheduler is also empty.
What to do? Change passwords? They are stored on the PC somewhere.

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Vasily Bannikov, 2021-12-12

In general, if you follow the last link, you can find an explanation - yes, you really got hacked through a recently discovered vulnerability in log4j while you were playing minecraft.
Here's more about how to protect yourself:
Well, I also advise you to switch to the licensed version in order to get updates regularly (I'll assume that Minecraft has already fixed it)

Uncle Seryozha, 2021-12-12

Complete OS reinstall

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