LonelyGamer2014-01-26 11:00:31
Mobile devices
LonelyGamer, 2014-01-26 11:00:31

4-4.7 inch smartphone with top specifications within 10-15k?

I choose my best friend, so be serious. The resolution of the display is not very critical, 720p is quite enough, the rear camera of 8 megapixels is also just right. Goals like everyone else, surfing and demanding toys.
Galaxy s4 mini and htc one mini do not offer, this is an old song.

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Alexey, 2014-01-26


LonelyGamer, 2014-01-26

Zte and others do not disdain, the main thing is that there is an adequate link.

LonelyGamer, 2014-01-26

Strict design, preferable, i.e. Let's say like xperia z1 or iphon

Igor Oleinik, 2014-01-26

I would look at the Sony Xperia. There are a lot of different lines in the model, including inexpensive ones. In general, I would do the same as @ScorpLeX : Yandex.Market is a very convenient service in this regard.

betrachtung, 2014-01-26

Xiaomi Mi2s, perhaps. Almost no shovel, decent stuffing, 12-13 thousand.

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