Roman2015-08-21 15:07:21
Roman, 2015-08-21 15:07:21

3rd party library not included in yii2?

It’s not like it’s impossible to connect a third-party SDK (I took it here https://www.wsdltophp.com/Wsdls/c1f4b157ee50e17546... ) I threw it into the vendor folder, after which I simply connected require_once (Yii::getAlias )
in the model where I need it
but it doesn't work
Class 'common\models\MicroBiltWsdlClass' not found
How can I even include it? (by the way, she doesn't have a namespace)

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Vlad Pasechnik, 2015-08-27

First, put yourself a normal IDE.
Secondly, nothing needs to be thrown and changed into the vendor folder. All this can be done only through the composer.
If it so happened that there are no sources on github, then drop it into any other folder.
Next.. You are calling the MicroBiltWsdlClass class while in the 'common\models' namespace. Then you need to "exit" it.
For this we write...

$obj = new \MicroBiltWsdlClass();

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