giggigi2013-03-25 16:17:21
giggigi, 2013-03-25 16:17:21

3q nettop SHELL. What can be done with it?

Hello. Recently, 3 new 3q nettop shells ( like these ) arrived at our office.
Initially, MeeGo is installed on them, which just fiercely madly slows down and it is impossible to use it.

The task fell on me to put some kind of Linux there so that employees could use them for simple tasks (mostly a browser, nothing heavily loaded and complicated).
I tried to put ubuntu, xubuntu there, both could not work properly there (as I understand it, the problem is with video drivers and something else).

Please advise what can be put there so that it works on Intel Atom and with Intel GMA 3150/3600 video, maybe there are some nuances.
Thanks in advance.

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Slipeer, 2013-03-25

It's not about the system.
Support for these cards has appeared in the kernel (if I'm not mistaken) since version 3.5 here is a link to the arch wiki (the first thing that was googled)
Recently I took my wife a Lenovo IdeaPad S110 for "Contacts" and "institutes"
I put Wheezy. The kernel collected 3.6 everything works fine.
Either look for a ready-made distribution with kernel 3.6 and later, or build the kernel yourself.

Maxim Klyushkov, 2013-03-25


ipswitch, 2013-03-26

Hm. Netbooks similar in configuration plow perfectly under WinXP configured “to a minimum” - without desktop themes and bells and whistles.
Browsers - Opera, Firefox, K-Meleon. If you do not use Adobe Flash, everything flies.

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