webname2015-09-09 15:33:54
webname, 2015-09-09 15:33:54

3proxy authorization not working?

I set up a proxy for vds using 3proxy.
http, https works fine.
But socks only works if you remove the authorization request.
With authorization writes a response error from the proxy.
Tried on both centos and debian. There is only one problem everywhere.
Maybe someone has come across something similar.

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Vladimir Samoylov, 2015-09-30

I did this. With authorization. Regular login password file.
Exactly socks5.
I think the problem is in the 3proxy config.
[previous code...]
users amon:CL:password123
[more previous code...]
auth strong
allow amon
maxconn 20
socks -p1080 Lots of info here
To be honest, I set everything up on this page.

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