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awe, 2016-09-01 11:23:39

3proxy and portmapping (tcppm)?

3proxy-server is set to
The client-bank is set to The client-bank settings contain the host - client.bank.com and port 5050. There are no proxy settings in the client-bank. But be sure to let all traffic go through a proxy.
That. in the client-bank settings I change "client.bank.com" to "", the port is the same.
I add to the 3proxy config:
tcppm -i192.168.1.2 5050 client.bank.com 5050
(2nd option - "tcppm -i192.168.1.2 5050 -e172.172.172.172 5050" - where is the host ip client.bank.com)
In both options, the 3proxy logs have the same error:
"bind(): Unknown error" 00000 0 0 TCPPM/

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Andrew, 2016-09-01

The -i option expects your local address ( to bind to, not the address of the remote machine.

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