DenimTornado2014-05-06 17:44:45
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DenimTornado, 2014-05-06 17:44:45

3G usb whistle, which one to choose?

Good afternoon! Several times a month I have to present sites, a Macbook Pro 13 machine. The question is, which whistle to take? There is a Beeline SIM card with a good tariff. So you need either a Beeline one or without a lock for an operator.
I’m interested in the most budget option, I won’t watch YouTube I won't play, only surfing is modest.I looked at Avito, there is an MTS whistle for 200 rubles.is it possible to take it or do you still need something more serious?
Thanks in advance!

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Pavel Vasterov, 2014-05-08

See skylink for the exact fit.

Kop3t3, 2014-06-30

Personal experience:
1) w3bsit3-dns.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=254794&st=120
modem 2) unlock huaweicodecalculator.com/new-algo (you need googleacc, the service is lizhoralko, but it works)
3) soft is sewn into the helpower modem .narod.ru/proshivki_dlya_usb_gsm_modemov_h...
4) in the end, you can file a virtualbox with Linux, into which you can throw a usb device, and raise a proxy in it

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