Andrey Yurchuk2020-11-20 23:13:58
Andrey Yurchuk, 2020-11-20 23:13:58

3D "window" in browser?

Hello, can anyone know if it is possible to make a global window object using JS - as if in 3d space? That is: in order for it to react to events, normal CSS worked there, the most common window, but it was a 3D object that the camera is looking at. Yes, I saw all sorts of Three.js, Babylon.js. But they do not fit at all, they are more suitable for 3D games and animations.

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Ivan Bogachev, 2020-11-20

...normal CSS worked there, but it was a 3D object that the camera is looking at... Yes, I saw all sorts of Three.js...

Just in Three.js there is such a thing as CSS 3D Renderer . You can position conditional div elements in space and work with them "in 3D".

Karpion, 2020-11-21

Well, I would do something like this:
Create an invisible object where we put the contents of the window. We place elements there, force the system to render them, and transfer the picture to a 3D object.
Further, all actions with a 3D object such as a mouse click are redirected to an invisible window. And when it changes, we again transfer the image to a 3D object.
Something like this. Not sure which is optimal.

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