Rinat Bakiev2015-12-06 11:24:22
Rinat Bakiev, 2015-12-06 11:24:22

3D printing or drones in construction?

Maybe not in the topic, but I would like to discuss on the topic: "The future in the construction of a multi-storey (up to 6) floors of the house." Reference material:
3D printing
3D Printed Concrete Castle
3D concrete printer with contour crafting
3d printing construction
Construction with Quadrotor Teams
Flying robots, the builders of tomorrow
Other robots:
How to work with SAM100 the bricklaying robot for ...
Fastbrick Robotics
What ideas/technologies are there that can be realistically applied in the construction of an apartment building for the 3rd and 4th climatic zone?
My personal opinion is to use the forgotten Cube 2.5 technology, and build walls with drones :)

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Hilbert, 2016-02-20

Drones in construction are great, but only for surveillance and control (see Skycatch). Drones as a replacement for a crane - of course not, it is extremely inefficient. Maybe in a few decades, but only with a fundamentally different propulsion - not with a propeller.

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