Michael Sne Bjorn Palagin2014-01-26 23:57:32
Michael Sne Bjorn Palagin, 2014-01-26 23:57:32

3D modeling, where to start?

Hello toasters.
I decided to devote my free time to studying and mastering 3d modeling. Mastered the basics of Autodesk Maya, well, like the basics, most likely all the main functions of the menu, shelves, etc.
I would like to ask you for advice on where to start your first modeling. I want to become a 3d modeler of characters for games, animation. Maybe start with all sorts of primitives, such as little men from two balls, then complicate and complicate their appearance, or will someone advise starting with something else?

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Oleg, 2014-01-27

Start with this, videotuts.ru/maya
choose what you like as a basis, and go ahead.

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