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zds, 2013-12-18 10:02:39

3D modeling or web design?

I'll try to be brief.
The bottom line is that I am far from 20 years old, there is not much time left, and now the moment has come when it is time to change my profession, apparently drastically.
Interests - design, not super-duper, but drawing some static layout of average beauty is not a problem for me. The skill is not monetized. In general, visual creativity is a priority for me.
Purpose (alpha) - I became interested in 3D modeling, and in general I see this as a future.
Problem: One "sort of like" 3D modeler told me that for this it is paramount to be able to program (C), and to know physics by heart. For simple modelers are now like dirt, but in order to complete the project from and to, you still need to program. I don’t know how to program and it’s mutual, that is, there is no desire to learn this. To understand physics too, I am almost 100% humanist.
Question: Is it really so important to know programming and physics in order to smash in some 3dmax or blender in the future?
Target (beta)- A little less, but still interesting to monetize the skill to design websites and mobile applications. But not only drawing itself, but also designing interfaces. By the way, regarding the second, I did not fully understand the meaning of this phrase. Some imply the visual component itself, while others talk about programming again.
To master the design of interfaces, sites also need to be cut in programming, or is it still more creativity and photoshop?
PS: I recently started to master html - the flight is normal. ;)

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svd71, 2013-12-18

You don't need to know all the math. 3D requires trigonometry and matrices. It is enough just to understand how it works, it is not necessary to transpose the matrices in your mind.
Frankly speaking, with modern 3D modeling tools, knowledge of programming languages ​​is not required, because the model is an independent object, and the use of the language is already an implementation. Although such knowledge does not interfere at all. Download the blender project and play around with it first.
Designers are like dirt. But standing designers - units. That's just html / css designers most of all. But some sites, for all the coolness of their design implementation, look like shit. Here, apparently, taste plays its main role, and in some cases, the ability to convince the customer.
And most importantly, remember that it's never too late to start.
PS: I also have an interest in this direction. If desired, we could join forces.

Yuri Lobanov, 2013-12-18

You should be more careful, otherwise you will suddenly abandon your old career, and you will not succeed in a new one.
You need to read about interfaces, it seems to me that you start from what thought: I'm a user, I know how convenient and how not, and therefore I can make the interface convenient. But this is not so, you will make it convenient for yourself, and then at best.
Forgive me for my skepticism, but there is someone to cheer here. I don’t see at least some clue in you that you will change your career so easily, because you also need to eat something during this time.

Neron, 2014-08-29
Lordov @Nekto_Habr

I approve of the career change. Life is given once - you have to do what you want, and patience and work will grind everything.
As a fan of 3d modeling that does not monetize his skills, I assume that there are a bunch of narrower directions in this area. In some, most likely, you do not need to program, but only create competent models. It seems that programming is mainly for animators.
As for interface design, programming is not there and should not be. An interface prototype can be a tree diagram or just a list of required elements. This is followed by visual prototyping - we scatter buttons and blocks so that the interface is usable (this is a very capacious word, it means a lot). The last stage - we stretch the design on the prototype (whistles, fakes, colors), and after that we give the prototype to the development of programmers.
In interfaces, the main thing is an analytical mind, a sense of proportion, the ability to think through and think for others. The interface is a puzzle with many solutions, among which you need to find 1-2 best ones.

Andrey Larin, 2014-09-15

If you choose 3D, then my advice to you is not to disdain the most "primitive" lessons. The knowledge gained in them will save a lot of time.

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