Sergey Pugovkin2018-12-17 12:55:58
Sergey Pugovkin, 2018-12-17 12:55:58

3D engine for rendering heightmap?

There is an elevation map, more precisely a set of points and their height in meters, extruded using the Google maps elevation api.
The task is to render the landscape according to this height map, placing the camera at a certain point, with the ability to rotate the camera with the mouse and inspect the territory (no need to move).
We also need the ability to callback functions when the camera rotates, with the ability to know the current rotation angles.
What engine is suitable for this?

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Roman, 2018-12-17

https://threejs.org will definitely work. Infa 146%.
PS: there is even an example rainforest.arkivert.no

Alexander Taratin, 2018-12-17

Any. You still have to write almost everything by hand.

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