Zlobober2012-10-15 19:16:57
Zlobober, 2012-10-15 19:16:57

3D editor component?

Good day.
There is a need to build 3d editing functionality into the application. The application will be used for the simplest 3d modeling, and writing all the functionality related specifically to editing from scratch is far from the most pleasant thing. Yes, and I want the interface of this whole thing to be at least somewhat convenient so that you can work in it. And I'm far from sure that it will be possible to say this about my craft.
It would be ideal to include some kind of "3d editor" component, which could simply be plugged in and linked to the rest of the application logic. Has anyone come across this kind of library? Perhaps you need to use an API from some open source 3d modeling environment? Give me some advice, or at least tell me what keywords to search for.
The programming language and format of this component/library, I would like it to be from the C++/.NET/Qt opera and so on.
Thank you!

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rasa, 2012-10-16

OGRE (Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine) / MOGRE or Axiom3d
Google Sketchup API

p1x, 2013-11-13

I haven’t seen a ready-made editor (in the sense of a component), but I really like MonoGame to work with 3d. I think that simple editing there will not be difficult to implement.

Alexander Pavlyuk, 2017-07-07

You can do it with Blender. It is open source, written in C++, and supports Python scripting.

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