GalV2016-03-21 04:23:27
GalV, 2016-03-21 04:23:27

3D and programming?

How do these areas intersect? In what cases is the creation of 3D somehow connected with programming or even impossible without it? Maybe when simulating physical processes, for some type of animation or VFX in a movie? How the ability to program can bring the skills of creating 3D objects, animation and so on. to a higher level?
I only know about writing scripts for Maya and other editors, but this has nothing to do with the creation of graphics/animation.
Thank you in advance for your answer, very interesting to know :)

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Itvanya, 2016-03-21

Let's start with the fact that all physical 3D engines are written, researched, modeled, rendered using PL. And the ability to program in no way can bring the skills of creating 3D objects to a new level, because working with 3D (I'm not talking about toy things, such as editors) is the purest and most complex mathematics, physics, mechanics, geometry and a bunch of scientific fields. activities that are recreated using software methods.

Alexander Skusnov, 2016-03-21

Take C++ and include the DirectX (or OpenGL) library. For me, it started with the reproduction of virtual reality (SCADA - monitoring of technological processes under the control of controllers), when I saw that existing programs either give out a flat diagram (of course, with animation), or an isometry that cannot be rotated. Currently there are also examples ("Throne") 3D for the Smart Home. By the way, television also works in this direction - stereo images.

evgeniy_lm, 2016-03-21

3D modelers create 3D models and scenes using software written by 3D programmers.
A 3D modeler is an artist and most likely he doesn’t understand anything in programming A
3D programmer is a mathematician (there is a lot of mathematics) and it is very doubtful that he can draw

Roman Volodin, 2016-03-21

Programming in CG for us is:
Scripts for Mike, Blender, Nuke, etc. Thousands of them! Procedural creation of scenes, objects, animations, custom tools for artists, modelers, animators.
Shaders OSL, PRman, Arnold, Guddini. Here, as it were, everything is clear - their mega-fast, mega-beautiful shaders, which can be configured as you like.
This is something that is directly related to the creation of graphics (i.e. beautiful pictures).
What is not directly: setting up projects, maintaining the work of the studio (where to get models, where to save, where to render, checking the integrity of the render, managing the render farm, tracking versions, and generally making sure that people do not break anything with their own hands). Exporting data from one software to another, a lot of technical tasks, such as rigging, tracking.
Abroad, large studios can afford to write custom software for simulations, tracking, rendering. We do not usually do this (at least I have not heard of such a thing).
In game development, I think there may be more programming, but this is not my area, I won’t say anything.

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