SidorKovpak2016-08-08 14:40:04
SidorKovpak, 2016-08-08 14:40:04

301 redirect link apache+nginx issues 19 slashes(/////) after the domain. What's wrong?

The main page of the site does not work, it gives 19 slashes after the domain and a 404 error (because not found). All other pages of the site work.
The bundle works according to the old proxying scheme from nginx to apache. While it was on the IP, it worked fine, but as soon as the domain and 301 were connected, the main one is not displayed.
Site on yii2 framework.
nginx settings:
server {
listen 80;
server_name www.domain.com
rewrite ^ http://domain.com$1 permanent;
listen 80;
server_name domain.com;
....................basic settings
apache settings:
ServerName domain.com;
ServerAlias ​​www.domain.com
................other settings
Question, how to make a redirect?

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