AlekseyObronov2019-09-04 10:19:13
AlekseyObronov, 2019-09-04 10:19:13

301 redirect from domain2.rf to https://domen1.ru?

Hello. I have a question. There is a website and it has 2 different domains domen1.ru and domen2.rf. C domain2.rf, 301 redirect to domen1.ru was configured. Everything worked well. Then, an SSL certificate was purchased and installed for the domen1.ru domain. Now, when using domain2.rf, the browser blocks the connection. If an insecure connection is allowed in the browser, then domain2.rf will redirect to https://domen1.ru . Tell me how to set up a redirect from domen2.rf to https://domen1.ru without a warning from the browser that the connection is insecure?

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Viktor Taran, 2019-09-04

1 you need a certificate for the second domain if it is located on this server (it takes a long time to explain, but it is).
2. redirect.

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