efkot2016-04-07 19:21:55
efkot, 2016-04-07 19:21:55

3 WAN and torrents?

Given: 3 ip gateways behind one interface, the speed to the gateways is 100mb/sec, the speed to the Internet from the gateway is different 30/10/5 mb/sec
on the microt the gateways are registered on with different "routing mark"
how to scatter traffic correctly through mangle on these gateways?
first mark the packets based on the protocol / port (let's say all udp except port 53 and all tcp except ports 80, 443)
and then mark the marked packets through PCC src-address-and-port mark "routing mark"
tried to do it crookedly, tell me where wrong

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Nikita Sizov, 2016-04-08

Label the connections first, then the packets with a specific connection label.

Diman89, 2016-04-08


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