Artem Shishkov2020-03-11 20:22:30
Artem Shishkov, 2020-03-11 20:22:30

3 push notifications come at once, what could be the matter?

Using the django addon webpush-django , I call the following function once:

def send_push(data):
        user_id = data['id']
        user = get_object_or_404(User, pk=user_id)
        payload = {
            'head': data['head'],
            'body': data['body'],
            'url': data['url'],

        send_user_notification(user=user, payload=payload, ttl=1800)

        return JsonResponse(status=200, data={'message': 'Web push successful'})
    except TypeError:
        return JsonResponse(status=500, data={'message': 'An error occurred'})

And as many as 3 push notifications come in, if you need sw.js, then here:
self.addEventListener('push', function (event) {
    const eventInfo = event.data.text();
    const data = JSON.parse(eventInfo);
    const head = data.head || 'New Notification ';
    const body = data.body || 'This is default content. Your notification didn\'t have one ';
    const url = data.url || '/';

        self.registration.showNotification(head, {
            body: body,
            icon: '/static/img/tf.jpg',
            url: url,

What could be the reason? (I can’t test on other devices yet, because there is no ssl certificate yet)

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noremorse_ru, 2020-03-12

Well, firstly, try except is not particularly appropriate here. get_object_or_404 will most likely return a non-json response and is also not appropriate here. Why is it impossible to immediately transfer data to payload? And send_user_notification will already parse the data and return the result, on the basis of which the response will be generated.
3 notifications can come for 2 reasons: the response from the server comes 3 times, or the event on the front fires 3 times. Look in the browser's network debugger, place print() in the view, see where you have looping there, check how many times the 'push' event fires on the front.

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