Uglik2016-03-30 11:48:24
Uglik, 2016-03-30 11:48:24

3 layer laravel 5.2 template structure?

I can't figure out the data structure in the Blade laravel template engine
For example: I create the main template layouts/app.blade.php, which contains the navigation and the main layout of the css, js and menu template. There is a Prifile page (profile.blade.php) which extends the main template app @extends('layouts.app') and contains its own menu and info. The profile template includes 7 pages which should contain general profile template information (extend it) and layouts/app information which contains the main layout.
How to act in such a situation. Tell me how to be?
In total, there is for example a Testimonials page that extends the Profile template (with an additional menu), which extends the main layout (with the main menu).

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WebDev, 2016-03-30

What is the problem is not clear. Make app.blade.php a template, specify the template in profile.blade.php, connect other pages via @include

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