german692014-12-27 00:14:50
german69, 2014-12-27 00:14:50

3 desktops on windows 7, how?

Hello, I have a pc with windows 7 x 64 bit. Onboard Radeon 7700 with three TVs connected via HDMI. The task is to run a separate video on each monitor (without sound, of course, just a picture).

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Dmitry, 2014-12-27

It has already been here, if my memory does not fail me, then this is not possible.
Although there are many discussions on google, there may already be a solution bit.ly/1wPcaNW

german69, 2014-12-27

3 videos are different, that is, not a continuation of each other, you need to drive the picture in full-scale version to each monitor. I managed to do this, I remove the vidyuhi driver and expand the working area in the parameters and throw out the video on the MCP player to each monitor as a separate process. But with this option, for some reason, the percentage starts to strain wildly, the load is 80-100%, all four cores in the shelf, I don’t understand how this can happen.

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