Nikolai Alexandrov2020-04-02 10:03:55
Nikolai Alexandrov, 2020-04-02 10:03:55

2gis requires blocking a site with a parser, is it legal?

Can 2gis actually claim something for selling a program that parses their site. And in general, how are things with parsing, how much is it legal or illegal?

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Dmitry Kim, 2020-04-02

So the same is written in the license agreement https://law.2gis.kz/licensing-agreement/ .

6.1. The user does not have the right to independently or with the involvement of third parties:
6.1.2. Create software or reference and information products and/or services using 2GIS Software Products and/or Online Services, as well as databases included in them or text, cartographic and reference materials extracted (extracted) from them, as well as other Objects of intellectual property specified in paragraph 2.1 of this Agreement.
6.1.3. Reproduce and distribute 2GIS Software Products for commercial purposes without the written consent of the Copyright Holder.
6.1.4. Extract any cartographic, reference and informational and other materials from the databases included in the 2GIS Software Products and use them in any form and by any means.
6.1.5. Use the databases included in the 2GIS Software Products separately from such 2GIS Software Products.

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