Zaur Ashurbekov2017-11-08 00:54:02
C++ / C#
Zaur Ashurbekov, 2017-11-08 00:54:02

2D video engine?

Hello Toaster!
You need something that you can programmatically create 2D animations on. Like there are some kind of spritesheets, a motion script is set for them, and all this is compiled into a video at the output, where this creature performs this script.
Something tells me that this can be done on game engines. Please recommend something.

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Ivan Klimenko, 2017-11-08

You didn't provide much information, but I'll try to help. To get started, break the task into two:
1) get animation frames
2) create a video from frames
If you already have sprites that will move and there is a script for the movement of each of them, then getting frames from this is very easy to write. You can look towards Qt, for example. It works well with graphics.
If you need to calculate physics, then you have to use a physics engine. Box2D is one of the most popular, but it will only return object coordinates. Pictures, again, will have to be created independently.
And at the end you need to merge the frames into a video. You can use OpenCV for this. In the relevant section documentation describes in great detail the creation of video from frames.

Alexander Taratin, 2017-11-08


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