Frost_Sentinel2018-11-09 16:52:10
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Frost_Sentinel, 2018-11-09 16:52:10

2D RTS - how to place ground?

Today I would like to ask a question on how to correctly place the surface on which units must move.
While working on my idea, which I have been trying to implement for a long time, I suddenly had a very curious problem. To solve it, I reviewed a lot of resources, but did not find anything.
In general, the problem is that I do not know how to correctly place the surface on which the units should run. Everything would be fine, only a 2D project. Actually, this is where the devil lies.
And I'm already in convulsions trying to answer this philosophical question.
I prepared resources for the project (weapons, interface part, etc.) but this is just my scourge.
I apologize for such a stupid question.
Is it better to position it along the Y axis or along the X and Z axis?
Or to rephrase it differently: in the Grid element , in the Cell Swizzle parameter, is it better to set ( XYZ ) or ( XZY ) for a 2D RTS project?
For those who did not understand me (suddenly) lying down or should it be turned to 90 degrees (standing)?

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xmoonlight, 2018-11-09

Keeps the cell positions at XYZ.
This is the default.

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